AmazonFlowers’ cancellation policy is no cancelations will be accepted within 10 business days of scheduled delivery date and there is a 25% surcharge for all cancelled orders.  Cancellation requests within 10 business days of your delivery date will not be accepted.

To cancel an order, you can either send us an email to with the subject heading CANCEL ORDER # (include your order number) in the body of the email include what you want to cancel.  Either way, we will need to speak with the person who placed the order over the phone to confirm.

All requests to change an existing order must be placed within 10 days of your delivery date. Many of our products are shipped from Colombia, South America, and are often being processed for their journey several days prior to the delivery date. Once the product has been shipped, changes are not possible. You will receive an email notice verifying cancellation of your order within 48 hours. Cancellations are subject to a fee equal to 25% of the total order amount. will refund the amount you paid minus the 25% cancellation processing fee. Why the fee? We must charge a 25% cancellation fee due to the fact that we are charged a 4% credit card fee each time you charge a card, so we pay 4% of the total order upon processing the order, 4% when processing the refund, and an additional 10% farm cancellation fee. Then we have a per transaction fee. Plus between our accounting department and a customer service representative’s time, it takes about 2 hours to process a cancellation request, which is converted into labor costs. Once you add all of this, it actually costs more than 25% to can an order, but we consider 25% to be fair.

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