Ordering and Payment Information

Read the following section and discover more about our Amazonflowers.us easy to use order process:

1. Add to Cart

Find the product (s) that you want to buy in our “Wedding Flowers” and “Wholesale Flowers” categories, choose the product options and Add to cart.

2. Go to Checkout

Review the items in your shopping cart.

·         Shopping Cart: If you don’t want to purchase a particular item right away, click the X button below the total price for the individual item to delete it.

·         Shopping Cart: If you want to increase or decrease the quantity that you want to purchase simply change the quantity and press click on “Update Cart” button.

·         If you have a Coupon Code, please enter it at the “Apply Coupon” block and press clic at go to charge the code and it will be discounted from the total.

NOTE:  You have the option to “Continue Shopping” to keep adding products to your shopping cart.

When you’re ready to place an order, click Proceed to Checkout. You will be taken to the “Step 1” of 4 from the checkout process.

3. Checkout “STEP 1”

3.1. Sign In, Create an Account:  If you have purchased from Amazonflowers.us before, press clic at “Log In to Your Account” enter your email address and password in the fields on the right side of the page and click Sign In.

If this is your first purchase from Amazonflowers.us, just fulfill all questions and make sure to type an email address and a password where requested.

You can create an account at any time, simply find the “Log In or Register here” at the top right side from our website and press click, please make sure to fulfill all questions with an asterisk as they are mandatory.

3.2. Accept Terms and Conditions: You must agree our Terms & Conditions before you buy any of Amazonflowers.us Products

3.3. Choose Your Delivery Date: Please select your preferred delivery date from the calendar displayed, we now deliver: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday; if you need a different delivery date please contact our customer service toll free line 1-800-517-3919 or mail info@amazonflowers.us .Press click here to Read our Delivery Policy.


3.4. Press clic at “Proceed to Shipping Calculation” (Step 2 will be automatically calculated) button to continue with the checkout process to step # 3.

Shipping Calculation: Once press clic at the proceed shipping calculation button, the system will automatically check and calculate shipping, all USA delivery (Continental + Puerto Rico + Alaska + Hawaii) for orders over $ 50 are free, Orders under $ 50 will be charged $ 35; Canada delivery will be calculated according with your total amount.

4. Checkout “STEP 3”

4.1. Type Your Billing Address

Enter the billing address from the Cardholder / Account owner and all billing information, then type the shipping address where you want your flowers to be delivered, or select one from your address book, you can also check “My Billing Information is same as Shipping” box to use the same shipping address for billing. Please have in mind that we do NOT ship to P.O. Boxes.  Remember we are serving all USA (Continental + Alaska + Hawaii) and Canada.

4.2. Choose One Payment Method

See our accepted payment methods, at the mean time we are accepting credit cards and STRIPE; please select one of those:

a)      Online Credit Card:  Type the credit card information requested, we accept VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS AND DISCOVER.

b)      Link: Just select Link once you are in the Cart section, log-in using your personal information, fill the required information and place the order.

c).     PayPal: Select PayPal as payment option at the Checkout Page, log-in using your personal information, fill the required information and place the order.


We encourage you to enter any comments or questions regarding your floral order.

5. Review and Submit

Check the accuracy of the shipping and billing information you provided and make any necessary changes; check the total amount that will be charged immediately after your order it’s completed. Then click “CHECK OUT” button to submit your order. On the confirmation page, you will see you order and it will be also email to you.

6. Track Your Order

After you place your order, we will send you an order confirmation email. You can access your account with us; there you will see a summary of your order. We will also send you a shipment confirmation email at the time your order (or a portion of it) is shipped, including the FedEx Tracking number. Most, but not all, orders can be tracked during shipping; to track your flowers please follow these instructions:

a.       Log in to your account.

b.      Track your recent orders: Press clic under “View Details”.

c.       Find the tracking number at your order and press clic over it.

Accepted Payment Methods

We accept the following methods of payment:

a.       Credit Cards and debit cards

•American Express




b.      Amazonflowers.us Gift Certificates.

c.       STRIPE

If Your Card Is Issued by a Non-U.S. Bank

Credit and debit cards issued by banks outside of the U.S. are a valid form of payment on Amazonflowers.us. These cards are subject to the same security checks as cards issued by banks in the U.S.

The security checks are intended to ensure the safety and security of your financial information and prevent unauthorized use of your credit or debit card. Unfortunately, communication with foreign banks is not always as seamless as with banks based in the U.S., and we may be unable to verify the information required to complete your transaction.

If we are unable to verify payment, we will cancel your order and send you notification by email that the order could not be completed. To further ensure security and privacy, these emails do not include details of why the order was not completed.

When You Will Be Charged

When your payment bits by credit, ATM, debit or check card, STRIPE or Gift Certificate, The money is deducted at the time you place your order.

We love to talk!

We’re not afraid to talk to you. Need help or just don’t like placing orders over the Net? Call our customer service Toll Free Line: 1-800-517-3919 or email at info@amazonflowers.us .

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