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Product Details

– One (1) Bridesmaid bouquet made of gerberas, mini sunflowers, spider mums, fillers and sattin ribbon.


All Bridesmaids bouquets can be customized and upgraded. Optimize your wedding flowers with a complimentary design consultation by contacting us at 1-800-517-3919 / .


This bridesmaid bouquet is also available in different colors (Choose options for Flowers and Ribbon), if you want different colors for your flowers and ribbon than offered please write on Special Requirements box.


Your bridesmaid bouquet will be produced as closely as possible to the picture, but we can NOT guarantee that this will be perfectly identical since flowers can be quite variable in size, shape or out of stock.


In the event that a floral substitution may be necessary to make certain that your bridesmaid bouquet is delivered on time, we take the utmost care in assuring that your order is as similar to your original flower and color choice as possible even if this means substituting flowers of higher value. While we will always try to inform under these circumstances, flower substitutions may be shipped without verbal confirmation from you.


Since flowers are a product of Mother Nature and due to variation in monitor resolutions, the exact color tones of this flower may vary to some degree.


Arrangement may look different, the arrangement that is delivered contains the same number of flowers but they are arranged throughout the entire bouquet which may make it look different than what was pictured.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


Recommended delivery date is 2 or 3 days before your event. If your event is Saturday suggested delivery date is Thursday.


Orders for this product must be placed AT LEAST 7 days prior to your desired delivery date. For rush deliveries (less than 7 days lead time), please call us toll-free 1-800-517-3919 as we may be able to accommodate your order. Rush orders are subject to a shipping surcharge.


All Bridesmaids bouquets and Wedding flowers arrangements will perfectly suit your expectations.

Wedding Flower Care  – Make Your Flowers Last Longer! –



To guarantee that your flowers stay in pristine condition until past your wedding day, read and follow these instructions before attempting to remove any of the arrangements.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Bring flowers inside immediately. Store your flowers between 40F and 60F degrees. The cooler the storage space, the fresher your arrangements will be. However, do not place bouquets or centerpieces in the refrigerator and do not freeze any of the flowers. Avoid direct sunlight and drafts.

Review the Contents of Your Box

When you receive your box, open it and examine the contents carefully. Verify that the contents of your shipment match what is listed on your purchase order. All bouquets are labeled, so you can tell each item apart. Leave all tags on your bouquets until your wedding day.


Please remove the smaller bouquets first by un-wrapping the Velcro. Keep in mind that these flowers are a natural product and therefore, colors of flowers may vary slightly.

Place Bouquets in Water

For the freshest flowers, youll want to put your bouquets in water as soon as possible (in containers with about 3-4 inches of water). This may take a bit of advanced planning. Make sure you have enough vases/containers to store your centerpieces, and all of your bouquets. Make sure the water doesnt reach the ribbons. Add water daily as needed.

Put Boutonnieres & Corsages in the Refrigerator

Upon arrival, remove the boutonnieres and corsages from the box using the directions below. Place them in glasses with water and put them in your refrigerator. Make sure your refrigerator is not set below 35F degrees or the flowers will freeze. Place items away from fruits and vegetables which can release gasses that will age your flowers (keep fruits and vegetables in fruit/vegetable drawers or closed containers).


How to Remove Bouquets

When youre ready to remove your bouquets, please follow these simple instructions.

  • Remove paper wrap and packing material that kept your bouquets protected. You may discard the paper, bag, and packing care material once they have been removed
  • Unfasten the 2 Velcro that holds the bouquet in the box (be careful not to push the flowers against the box).
  • Hold the bouquet firmly by the stems while removing.
  • If your bouquet has a broken or browning flower head, the bouquet will still be OK to use. Please remove the broken or browning flower from the bouquet. The bouquet is still blooming and can be fluffed back into its original shape.
  • If any of the flowers petals have slight browning, this is not always an issue. Our flowers are shipped with guard petals which can be carefully removed. The inner petals should be in better condition.
  • Cut every arrangement half and inch and place bouquets in a vase with water. Please make sure the water level does not exceed where the bottom of the ribbon begins.

How to Remove Boutonnieres and Corsages

Important: All boutonnieres and corsages come with a pin that will be used to place it on garments. Please make sure to keep the pin for use. The Pin can be in the packing box.

  • Remove paper wrap that kept your flowers protected. You may discard the paper and bag, once they have been removed.
  • Unfasten the Velcro straps that holds the boutonnieres and corsages in the box (be careful not to push the flowers against the box).
  • Hold boutonniere/corsage by the plastic water tube/bag and gently pull it towards you (be careful to not have flowers press against the box, which will bruise the petals).
  • Hold the top of the stems firmly with one hand and hold the plastic tube/bag with the other hand. Pull the tube/bag down away from the stem.

Important: Do not pull the flower head from the stem because it may break.

  • Free the flower from the plastic tube/bag.

Important: After removing each piece, cut a quarter inch the stems and place flowers in a glass with water. Make sure the water doesnt reach the ribbons.

  • Place in refrigerator away from fruits and vegetables as noted above.
  • Do not worry if there is not any remaining water in the plastic tube when you have received your shipment. The flowers have been hydrated before and during shipment.
  • Store the bouquets in a cool location out of sunlight and away from heat.  (To maintain bloom development, keep in refrigeration at about 34 to 36 degrees.  This will keep the flowers from opening further.  Leaving the flowers at room temperature (between 72 and 75 degrees) will promote natural development of the blooms and they will continue to open beyond the stage at which they arrive.)
  • Avoid touching the flowers as much as possible.  Touching the petals may cause bruising that is not immediately visible but can appear as browning or wrinkles.
  • Avoid laying bouquets sideways on flat surfaces as this may damage the outer blooms.
  • Keep bouquets in water until the last possible moment to keep flowers fresh and hydrated.
  • Transport the bouquets in buckets with 1 or 2 bouquets per bucket so the bouquets can be transported upright.  If transporting in a vehicle, it is recommended you empty the water to avoid spilling in transit which can damage the flowers and/or the vehicle carpet and upholstery.
  • Do not expose the flowers to heat at any time before the wedding or event (do not leave outdoors or in a car…).
  • Before using, you may trim the stems within 1/2 inch of the ribbon or to desired length for final presentation.

Please follow instructions above


Feel free to call our customer service toll free line 1.800.517.3919 or email us at  for any special flower care question.


Additional information

Select Gerber First Color

Assorted, Hot Pink, Light Pink, Orange, Red, White, Yellow

Select Mums Color

Assorted, Bronze, Green, Lavender, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow

Select Ribbon Color

Antique Gold, Aqua Blue, Black, Brown, Cream, Dark Green, Hot Pink, Light Blue, Light Pink, Lime Green, Natural Fiber, Navy Blue, Orange, Plum, Purple Iris, Scarlet Red, Turquoise, White, Wild Rose, Wine, Yellow, Bronze, Burgundy Red, Fucsia, Green Flora Tape, Olive Green, Pale Blue, Purple, Red, Silver Grey